Of Birds and Book Business

I notice warm, moist air blowing in through the window at my back.

The breeze is not hot enough to kick on the air conditioning unit. I listen to the birds and their variety of staccato chirping a while longer.

I identify a few bird songs but not many. The amount of study needed to recognize more is intensive.

Navigating the publishing business is as intensive and its rules as unique as bird calls. It’s unlike many fields where showing up and doing the work begins the familiarity.  In professional writing, I sit here, at my desk, and hope that someone out there will take on my work and make it public. My familiarity comes from attending workshops, making connections and reading books and websites. And even then I am sure I have so much more to learn.

A baby grackle squawks for food or mother or both.

Artificially cooled air flows over the room from a ceiling register. I slam shut the window.

The only sound is the clacking of my computer keys.

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