Backwards Evolution

I am at the end of a reverse order of evolution or the collective consciousness theory of the hundredth monkey. Thousands, millions of people have gotten it by the time I possess it.

I bought my analog cell phone after everyone had moved on to digital.

Been watching  eight cable channels until a year ago. Now it’s ATT U-verse (Thanks, Mom). Saw my first “Spongebob Square Pants” this past Easter. “Cash Cab” is brand new to me. And that Sy Fy Channel? Never knew it when it was called Sci Fi.

Haven’t caught Toy Story 3 yet.

Sadly, when I arrive at the experience, I want to share it. The result? A lot of yawning and the equivalent of the cliche, “That was so yesterday.” (That phrase is cliched by now, isn’t it?)

So here I am. Finally. My own blog. Getting a more substantial presence on the Internet besides FaceBook (I joined FB last summer).

I hope readers and bloggers will tune in.

Blogs are still popular. Right?



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